Keratin treatment


For many years, Hollywood Hair has had lots of success with its keratin treatments. Frizzy hair,
colored European (Caucasian) hair or damaged hair in general is treated with Brazilian keratin and the result is glossier, healthier looking hair.
There are three different kind of treatments: the synthetic one, the vegetable approach and the
human keratin. The first two mentioned are not practised in Hollywood Hair because the use of chemicals is inevitable. So in Hollywood hair we work with the human keratin because that method fits well with the biological structure of the human being. As it happens keratin is present in the human body, namely in the nails, the skin and the hair. So we do not hesitate to say that the human keratin is the most natural method.
We use the brand Bionaza, which – coming from the USA – worldwide has an excellent name and is guaranteed to not have chemicals. This also means it contains no formaldehyde.